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COURTEVILLE, Raphael, was one of the gentlemen of the Chapel Royal in the reign of Charles I. He lived through the interregnum, resumed his place in the chapel on its re-establishment in 1660, and died Dec. 28, 1675.

His son Raphael, was brought up as a chorister in the Chapel Royal. As a composer of songs his productions abound in the collections published in the latter part of the 17th century and at the commencement of the next. His first printed work was 'Six Sonatas for two Violins,' and he also produced, about 1685, Sonatas for two Flutes. In 1691 he was appointed the first organist of St. James's church, Piccadilly, for which he composed the psalm tune well known by the name 'St. James's.' In 1696 [App. p.600 "1695"] he was one of the composers associated with Henry Purcell in setting the third part of D'Urfey's 'Don Quixote.' He is supposed to have died about the year 1735.

His son Raphael, succeeded his father as organist of St. James's church. He was a political writer of some repute and believed to be the author of some articles in "The Gazetteer,' a paper which supported Sir Robert Walpole's administration, whence he was nicknamed by the opposite party, 'Court-evil.' He died in 1771.

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Raphael Courteville (?-1771)

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Sonata No.1

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1. Adagio

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2. Allegro

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3. Adagio

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4. Poco Largo

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5. Adagio

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