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Welcome to Papalin's Music Website. I played recorders, ocarinas and voices by myself!
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W312/M104 Christmas Music
1. En! natus est Emanuel / M. Praetorius; 2. Es ist ein Roses entsprungen / 15th Century? (arr: M.Praetorius); 3. God rest you merry, gentlemen / English Traditional; 4. Adeste, fideles (O come, all ye faithful) / Anon. (arr: T.Greatorex); 5. In dulci jubilo / 13th Century? (arr: M.Praetorius and J.S.Bach); 6. O come, O come, Emmanuel! (Veni, veni Emanuel) / 13th Century?; 7. O little town of Bethlehem / Traditional (arr: R.V.Williams); 8. The holly and the ivy / Traditional (arr: Kurihara Masami); 9. We wish you a Merry Christmas, Sleigh ride, Deck the hall (arr: Kurihara Masami); 10. The twelve days of Christmas / English Traditional (arr: Kurihara Masami); 11-1. Nadal Encara / Lengadoc Naut (arr: Sekijima Takero); 11-2. Guilhon pren ton tamborin / Provencal Traditional (arr: Barozai); 12. Green Sleeves / English Traditional (arr: Sekijima Takero); 13. I another King / Sekijima Takero; 14. Qaalersup Aappilliunneratut / Henrik Lund (arr: Kurihara Masami); 15. March from "Nutcracker suite" / P.I.Tchaikovsky (arr: Kurihara Masami); 16. It's Christmas time / Al Stillman, Victor Young (arr: Kurihara Masami); 17. Candlelight / K.D.Reed (arr: Kuricorder Quartet); 18. X'mas in Crescent City (on the Bayou) / Kawaguchi Yoshiyuki; 19. I saw three ships / Traditional (arr: Kuricorder Quartet); 20. March of three Kings / Paddy Moloney (arr: Kuricorder Quartet); 21. We three Kings of Orient are / J.H.Hopkins, Jr. (arr: Kuricorder Quartet); 22. Tears of Snowman / Kondo Kenji; 23. Snow light / Kondo Kenji; 24. The little drummer boy / Traditional (arr: Sekijima Takero); 25. It came upon the midnight clear / R.S.Willis (arr: Kondo Kenji); 26. Ave Maria / F.Schubert (arr: Kuricorder Quartet); 27. Shiro-i ohige-no ojii-san / Kondo Kenji;
Genre Index
home; 01-Ancient(7); 02-Medieval(54); 03-Renaissance(216); 04-Baroque(65); 06-Classicism(9); 07-Romanricism(15); 08-Modern(13); 09-Contemporary(61); 11-Recorder(Solo)(14); 12-Recorder(Ensemble)(366); 13-Song(Solo)(19); 14-Song(Chorus)(61); 15-Cembaro,Piano(1); 16-Guitar,Ukulele(6); 17-Percussion(25); 18-notMusic(1); 19-Ocarina(5); 21-Christian music(188); 22-Japanese works(8); 23-Opera,Musical(12); 24-Game,Animation(10); 25-Concert live(2); 26-Concert reproduce(1); 27-Collaboration(2); 28-Fantasy(9); 28-Fantasy, Theory(1); 29-Music collection(124); 30-Papalin works(9); 31-Solo(unison) Vocal Music(29); 32-Chorus Music(214); 33-Chorus+Orch Music(15); 34-Recorder Music(32); 35-Organ Music(14); 36-Harpsichord Music(4); 37-Piano Music(24); 38-Instrumental Music(179); 39-Orchestra Music(6); 40-40-Misc. Music(2); 40-Misc. Music(15); Baroque(31); Classicism(21); Composer:(1); Composer:?(26); Composer:A(10); Composer:B(33); Composer:C(26); Composer:D(12); Composer:E(4); Composer:F(19); Composer:G(19); Composer:H(11); Composer:I(7); Composer:J(8); Composer:Japanese "a" column(2); Composer:Japanese "ta" column(1); Composer:Japanese sa" column(2); Composer:Japanese-a(1); Composer:Japanese-ma(1); Composer:Japanese-sa(14); Composer:K(1); Composer:L(18); Composer:M(29); Composer:Many(55); Composer:N(1); Composer:O(7); Composer:P(27); Composer:Q(2); Composer:R(6); Composer:S(21); Composer:T(7); Composer:V(12); Composer:W(10); Composer:Z(6); Guitar(4); Live Recording(11); Modern(40); Music Editor(7); On Air(2); Percussion(3); Printer(7); Renaissance(8); Romanticism(22);

*** Solo Recorder

Logo of work W101
W101: Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) : The Unaccompanied Cello Suites (BWV1007-1012) (02:38:00)
Logo of work W107
W107: Jean-Baptiste Loeillet, Loeillet de Ghent (1688-c1720) (04:41:32)
Logo of work W105
W105: Telemann / Sonatas Complete! (56:29)
Logo of work W102
W102: Haendel / Sonatas Complete! (03:10:27)
Logo of work W104
W104: Baroque Music (Sonatas, Chamber music) (04:05:06)
Logo of work W106
W106: Studio Ghibli, J-POP Music, Classic Ballad etc. (14:59:38)
Logo of work W108
W108: "Mozart Works" and "Flute Famous Collections 31" (01:23:56)

*** Recorder Ensemble ( Publisher / Arranger series )

Logo of work W207
W207: Recorder Quartets edited by Kitamika Fumio (04:37:39)
Logo of work W223
W223: Recorder Quartets edited by Kitamika Fumio (02:55:52)
Logo of work W224
W224: Recorder Quartets edited by Kitamika Fumio (02:47:46)
Logo of work W246
W246: Duets for Alto Recorder (edited by Kitamika Fumio) (04:17:08)
Logo of work W290
W290: "The Recorder Quarterly" (10:49:21)
Logo of work W334
W334: "The Recorder Quarterly" 2/2 & "Recorder Days" (04:36:33)
Logo of work W213
W213: Aeolian Consort arranged works (after Romantic music) (02:12:11)
Logo of work W225
W225: Mr. Bein' Green's Fine Recorder Ensemble ! (02:38:51)
Logo of work W229
W229: Love Schubert arranged works I (Renaissance & Baloque) (03:40:55)
Logo of work W249
W249: Love Schubert arranged works II (Bach/Haydn/Mozart) (04:39:31)
Logo of work W239
W239: Love Schubert arranged works III (Haydn/Mozart) (02:23:53)
Logo of work W232
W232: Love Schubert arranged works IV (since Classical Music) (05:14:47)
Logo of work W210
W210: Let's Enjoy Ensemble (57:32)
Logo of work W216
W216: Let's Play Ensemble (01:23:38)
Logo of work W211
W211: New Recorder Library, Recorder Ensemble, and Recorder Textbook (06:05:36)
Logo of work W250
W250: Quartet (Kikuchi Masaharu), Ensemble (Hayashi Hiroko) (02:18:54)
Logo of work W205
W205: Recorder Quartet (Tokyo-Ongaku-Shoin) & Super Recorder Quartet (Kyodo-Music) (04:27:40)
Logo of work W215
W215: ORIEL Library etc. (Bartok, Lerich, Duarte, Carey, Charlton, ...) (02:26:01)
Logo of work W274
Logo of work W277
W277: "SCHOTT'S RECORDER LIBRARY" Music for Recorders without Piano (01:35)
Logo of work W276
W276: "THE SOCIETY OF RECORDER PLAYERS" Official Publication (SCHOTT LONDON) (01:37:22)
Logo of work W336
W336: Antonio Mortaro da Brescia(fl.1587-1610) (50:59)
Logo of work W231
W231: Kuricorder Quartet (Japanese Famous Recorder Quartet) (02:49:37)
Logo of work W206
W206: Famous Classic Music I (03:59:02)
Logo of work W212
W212: Famous Classic Music II (03:20:45)
Logo of work W241
W241: Famous Classic Music III (02:55:00)
Logo of work W242
W242: Famous Classic Music IV (02:22:27)

*** Recorder Ensemble ( Piano Score series )

Logo of work W287
W287: 19-20c. Piano Music ( Burgmüller, Alkan, ...) (04:10:07)
Logo of work W209
W209: Jazzy Classical Music, with Orchestra, Queen, ... (07:13:36)
Logo of work W214
W214: Carmen, Bosanova, Jazz Piano, ... (06:08:58)
Logo of work W236
W236: NHK TV Soundtracks Piano Solo Transcriptions etc. (15:52:01)
Logo of work W240
W240: Schumann, Tchaikovsky, Yuyama Akira, Miyoshi Akira, Asaoka Sayaka ... (11:26:25)
Logo of work W257
W257: Masters of Songs (05:08:04)
Logo of work W298
W298: (05:47:07)
Logo of work W262
W262: Famous songs by Jazzy arrangement (03:11:14)
Logo of work W265
W265: Okinawa Music & Nakasima Mika (03:57:44)
Logo of work W910
W910: Songs for solo and chorus with Recorders (09:45:58)
Logo of work W911
W911: Recorder Ensemble using Piano Scores (04:42:47)
Logo of work W268
W268: Monthly Piano Magazine 2012 by Yamaha Music Media Corp. (not official web page) (02:03:38)
Logo of work W267
W267: Monthly Piano Magazine 2013 by Yamaha Music Media Corp. (not official web page) (03:16:41)
Logo of work W269
W269: Monthly Piano Magazine 2014 by Yamaha Music Media Corp. (not official web page) (07:59:49)
Logo of work W283
W283: Monthly Piano Magazine 2015 by Yamaha Music Media Corp. (not official web page) (01:30:05)
Logo of work W286
W286: Monthly Piano Magazine 2016 by Yamaha Music Media Corp. (not official web page) (05:23:18)
Logo of work W289
W289: Monthly Piano Magazine 2017 by Yamaha Music Media Corp. (not official web page) (08:06:00)
Logo of work W291
W291: Monthly Piano Magazine 2018 by Yamaha Music Media Corp. (not official web page) (02:19:07)
Logo of work W297
W297: Monthly Piano Magazine 2019 by Yamaha Music Media Corp. (not official web page) (04:38:30)
Logo of work W324
W324: Monthly Piano Magazine 2020 by Yamaha Music Media Corp. (not official web page) (47:39)
Logo of work W330
W330: Monthly Piano Magazine 2021 by Yamaha Music Media Corp. (not official web page) (02:22:27)
Logo of work W335
W335: Monthly Piano Magazine 2022 by Yamaha Music Media Corp. (not official web page) (50:23)
Logo of work W340
W340: Monthly Piano Magazine 2023 by Yamaha Music Media Corp. (not official web page) (05:06:30)

*** Recorder Ensemble ( Composer series )

Logo of work W202
W202: G. Ph. Telemann (1681-1767) / Sonatas for two or Three Alto-Recorders (02:48:08)
Logo of work W254
W254: G. Ph. Telemann (1681-1767) / Ouverture, Concerto, Trio, Quartet, ... (03:35:45)
Logo of work W203
W203: Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven for Wind Inst. (04:54:42)
Logo of work W245
W245: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) / K.1-400 (02:44:39)
Logo of work W258
W258: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) / K.401-625 (05:34:16)
Logo of work W259
W259: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) / K.626 and misc. (03:15:26)
Logo of work W219
W219: Symphonies (Beethoven, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, ... ) (04:08:40)
Logo of work W342
W342: Domenico Gaetano Maria Donizetti (1797-1848) (28:20)
Logo of work W270
W270: Josef Anton Bruckner (1824-1896) (01:37:39)
Logo of work W233
W233: Edward Grieg (1843-1907) (03:15:00)
Logo of work W208
W208: Johan Severin Svendsen (1840-1911) (42:51)
Logo of work W266
W266: Bartók Béla Viktor János (1881-1945) (02:04:03)
Logo of work W222
W222: The Beatles (01:16:12)
Logo of work W217
W217: Chorus Works of Niimi Tokuhide & Kinoshita Makiko (48:58)
Logo of work W234
W234: Clark Kimberling (04:10:06)
Logo of work W261
W261: Victor Eijkhout (1959-) (09:25:11)
[new] Victor Eijkhout works
Logo of work W285
W285: Victor Eijkhout (1959-) (02:49:04)
Logo of work W255
W255: Saito Tsuneyoshi (02:19:45)
Logo of work W243
W243: T.Mizuno, R.Horikoshi, H.Aoshima, D.Tagusari, K.Kondo, ... (06:44:22)
Logo of work W244
W244: Schwertberger, Challinger, Blood, ... (04:57:03)
Logo of work W263
W263: Berkenkamp, Oliviera, Hay, Ottavini, Tamás ... (01:21:46)

*** Chorus Music (A Cappella etc.)

Logo of work W303
W303: Japanese Traditional, Nigro Spiritual, Familiar Song (02:44:55)
Logo of work W307
W307: Niimi Tokuhide's World (01:20:24)
Logo of work W305
W305: Kinoshita Makiko's World (02:33:58)
Logo of work W302
W302: Suites for Japanese Chorus (01:46:21)
Logo of work W306
W306: "Let's Sing NIPPON Project", etc. (02:01:47)

*** Sacred Music

Logo of work W509
W509: Gregorian chant (Music of 4-14th centuries) (44:06)
Logo of work W308
W308: Hymnbook II (1967 by United Church of Christ in Japan) (03:20:10)
Logo of work W300
W300: Music for Passion Week, Holy Week (05:50:28)
Logo of work W506
W506: Bach / Missa in B minor BWV232 (01:40:33)
Logo of work W507
W507: Pergolesi / Stabat Mater (01:52:11)
Logo of work W503
W503: W.A.Mozart / Mass in C major, K.317 "Coranation Mass" etc. (40:37)
Logo of work W502
W502: Mozart / "Requiem" d-minor K.626 (03:00:28)
Logo of work W304
W304: Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy / Sacred Works (01:01:16)
Logo of work W505
W505: Verdi / "REQUIEM" (Totenmesse) (01:36:35)
Logo of work W504
W504: Gounod / Messe Solennelle en l Honneur de Sainte Cécile (01:39:24)
Logo of work W508
W508: J.Brahms / Ein Deutsches Requiem Op.45 etc. (01:58:22)
Logo of work W501
W501: Faure / "Requiem" Op.48 etc. (02:12:27)
Logo of work W312
W312: Christmas Music (06:34:28)
Logo of work W301
W301: The devout Pray of Papalin (Poulenc, Mendelssohn, Bruckner) (03:22:43)

*** Opera, Musical, Fantasy, Game and Animation

Logo of work W601
W601: Disney / Musical "Peter Pan" (24:56)
Logo of work W602
W602: Webber / Musical "The PHANTOM of the OPERA" (38:53)
Logo of work W605
W605: "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" (25:16)
Logo of work W604
W604: "Les Misérables", "Harry Potter", "The Sound of Music" (03:00:08)
Logo of work W603
W603: Mozart Opera (30:10)
Logo of work W264
W264: STUDIO GHIBLI series 1 (09:37:31)
Logo of work W311
W311: STUDIO GHIBLI series 2 (06:15:11)
Logo of work W309
W309: STUDIO GHIBLI series 3 (03:38:54)
Logo of work W201
W201: DRAGON QUEST 1-6 (05:35:15)
Logo of work W310
W310: Game Music "FINAL FANTASY" series (01:51)
Logo of work W316
W316: Game Music "CHRONO TRIGGER" series (02:08:31)
Logo of work W313
W313: TV Animation Music (1963-1985) (03:26:22)
Logo of work W314
W314: Walt Disney Musc (03:39:20)
Logo of work W702
W702: Unique works (Voices, Recorders and more...) (04:33:05)
Logo of work W706
W706: Happy Birthdays! / Ukete Nanbono Ippatsuge! / ... (05:21:38)
Logo of work W703
W703: Papalin plays Piano and Spinet ! (02:17:23)
Logo of work W204
W204: Eimei Junior-HS & Suwa Seiryo HS "Chamber Concert" (from 1975 to 1978) (01:56:56)
Logo of work W103
W103: University Papalin (1984) (01:07:11)
Logo of work W707
W707: Summer Camp, Autumn Camp in Studio-Papalin and Tokyo (06:27:26)
Logo of work W701
W701: Reproduction of the Real Concerts and CDs (17:52:37)
Logo of work W709
W709: Studio-Papalin Recorder works vol.1 (09:04:56)
Logo of work W713
W713: Studio-Papalin Recorder works vol.2 (10:05:54)
Logo of work W714
W714: Studio-Papalin Recorder works vol.3 (10:36:46)
[new] Recorder works
Logo of work W710
W710: Studio-Papalin Ocarina works Vol.1 (05:59:48)
Logo of work W712
W712: Studio-Papalin Ocarina works Vol.2 (06:43:17)
Logo of work W715
W715: Studio-Papalin Ocarina works Vol.3 (03:36:01)
Logo of work W320
W320: "Ocarina Life Magazine", "Tsuiokuno Melody", ... (07:30:58)
Logo of work W705
W705: Masters of Europian Music (03:13:03)
Logo of work W708
W708: Die Vier Weltalter Der Musik (Walter Wiora) & Music Gallery (Minagawa Tatsuo) (03:48:27)
Logo of work W711
W711: Music History in Examples. From Antiquity to J.S. Bach (Otto Hamburg) (02:12:32)

*** Real Ensemble

Logo of work W802
W802: Angel's Holly Night (19:28)
Logo of work W803
W803: Members of Chiba univ. Recorder Ensemble OB and OG (45:00)
Logo of work W804
W804: Concert Live Recording of "Ensemble KOCHI" (02:58:57)
Logo of work W806
W806: Performances of Papalin and aosta I (16:07:33)
Logo of work W807
W807: Performances of Papalin and aosta II (02:24:34)
Logo of work W810
W810: Concert of "Otamajakushino Kai" and "Studio-Papalin" (02:35:03)
Logo of work W811
W811: Zion Consort Works (02:12:51)

*** Solo Singing

Logo of work W906
W906: R.A.Schumann / Lieder (35:06)
Logo of work W908
W908: F.Schubert / Lieder (28:48)
Logo of work W905
W905: Opera Arias, Ave Marias and Tosti Works (02:39:42)
Logo of work W902
W902: Takemitsu Toru Works (37:55)
Logo of work W904
W904: Niimi Tokuhide / White Songs Blue Songs, Tsubute Songs (01:02:43)
Logo of work W901
W901: Sada Masashi Songs in 1970s (05:35:21)
Logo of work W907
W907: Sada Masashi Songs in 1980s (03:35:06)
Logo of work W903
W903: Papalin's Favourite Songs (02:17:23)
Logo of work W909
W909: Children's songs "Akai Tori", "Shimaki Akahiko Competition" (04:06:45)

------------------------- Under regrouping -------------------------


<<< Ancient Music >>>

Logo of work W000
W000: 1st & 2nd Delphic Hymns addressed to Apollo (B.C.138 & B.C.128:part) (07:11)
Logo of work W001
W001: EPITAPHE DE SEIKILOS (Ancient Greek : B.C.1c.?) (10:39)

<<< Medieval Music - 2.Chant >>>

Logo of work W002
W002: Gregorian chant (Music of 4-14th centuries) (52:00)
Logo of work W003
W003: Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179) (18:16)
Logo of work W004
W004: Alfonso X el Sabio (the Wise) (1221-1284) (12:32)

<<< Medieval Music - 3.Saint Martial school, Notre Dame school >>>

Logo of work W005
W005: Codex Calixtinus (ca.1130-1140) (02:42)
Logo of work W006
W006: Music from 9th to 12th century (misc.) (14:04)
Logo of work W031
W031: Guido d'Arezzo (c991-1050) (00:45)
Logo of work W007
W007: Leonin (Leoninus) (1150s-1201?) (02:38)
Logo of work W008
W008: Magister Perotin (Perotinus) (ca.1165-ca.1238) (38:53)

<<< Medieval Music - 4.Ars Antiqua, Medieval Codex >>>

Logo of work W009
W009: Adam de la Halle (c1237-c1287) (01:29)
Logo of work W010
W010: Petrus de Cruce (Pierre de la Croix) (c1270-c1347) (00:44)
Logo of work W011
W011: Codex Montpellier (1250-1300) Paris (01:02:27)
Logo of work W012
W012: Codex Bamberg (1260-1290) Paris (03:28)
Logo of work W013
W013: El Codex musical de Las Huelgasg (1300s) Burgos in northern Spain (03:51)
Logo of work W022
W022: Llibre Vermell de Montserrat (14c. Spain) (16:30)
Logo of work W026
W026: Chantilly Codex (14c. France) (10:28)
Logo of work W027
W027: "Carmina Burana" (1230) & Medieval Dance (13c.) (01:31)
Logo of work W028
W028: Medieval English song : "Sumer is icumen in" (13-14c.) (03:52)

<<< Medieval Music - 5.Troubadour, Trouvère >>>

Logo of work W014
W014: Troubadours Song (South France) & Trouvère Song (North France) 12-13c. (06:03)

<<< Medieval Music - 6.Minnesänger, Meistersinger >>>

Logo of work W015
W015: Minnesänger & Meistersinger (German) after 12c. (06:07)
Logo of work W016
W016: Oswald von Wolkenstein (c1377-1445) (02:33:49)

<<< Medieval Music - 7.Ars Nova >>>

Logo of work W017
W017: Philippe de Vitry (1291-1361) (10:41)
Logo of work W018
W018: Guillaume de Machaut (c1300-1377) (02:25:17)
Logo of work W034
W034: François Andrieu (fl.14c.) (04:58)

<<< Medieval Music - 8.Trecento (1330s-1400s Italia) >>>

Logo of work W019
W019: Jacopo da Bologna (14c.) (02:45)
Logo of work W020
W020: Francesco Landini (c1325-1397) (10:05)
Logo of work W021
W021: Antonio "Zacara" da Teramo (1350-c1413) (06:25)

<<< Medieval Music - 9.Ars Subtilior (1310s-1320s South France-North Italia) >>>

Logo of work W025
W025: Jacob de Senleches (?-1395) (02:56)
Logo of work W023
W023: Solage (14c.-c1403) (15:37)
Logo of work W024
W024: Baude Cordier (14c.-15c.) (06:26)

<<< Medieval Music - 10.Late Medieval and Early Renaissance >>>

Logo of work W032
W032: Robertsbridge Codex (1360) (10:01)
Logo of work W033
W033: "Masters of the Keyboard" by Willi Apel (Late Medieval; 15c.) (04:05)
Logo of work W029
W029: Johannes Ciconia (c1373-1412) (37:16)
Logo of work W030
W030: Nicolas Grenon (c1375-1456) (01:11)
Logo of work W110
W110: Leonel Power (1370to1385 - 1445) (01:02:37)
Logo of work W036
W036: John Dunstable (Dunstaple, c1390-1453) (03:45:54)
Logo of work W037
W037: Arnold de Lantins (fl.1420s-before1432) (10:12)
Logo of work W038
W038: Hugo de Lantins (fl.1420-1430) (02:04)
Logo of work W042
W042: Jo Bodoil (fl.1420-1450) (16:55)
Logo of work W040
W040: H Battre (fl.1430-fl.1440) (29:54)
Logo of work W041
W041: John Bedyngham (c1422-1459or1460) (21:35)
Logo of work W035
W035: The Selden Carol Book (Music of 1425-1450 England) (05:14)
Logo of work W329
W329: Codex Escorial Chansonnier (ca.1430-1445 Madrid) (01:09:00)


<<< Renaissance Music - 1.Burgundian School >>>

Logo of work W043
W043: Guillaume Dufay (c1397-1474) (03:06:22)
Logo of work W044
W044: Gilles de Binchois (c1400-1460) (45:27)
Logo of work W081
W081: Jacques Barbignant (fl.1445-1460) (02:15)
Logo of work W047
W047: Johannes Ockeghem (c1410-1497) (02:15:32)
Logo of work W045
W045: Johannes Regis (c1425-c1496) (01:19)
Logo of work W077
W077: Gilles Joye (1424or1425-1483) (05:04)
Logo of work W075
W075: Antoine Busnois or Busnoys (c1430-1492) (21:02)

<<< Renaissance Music - 2.Franco-Flemish School >>>

Logo of work W083
W083: Guillaume Le Rouge (fl.1450-1465) (02:12)
Logo of work W087
W087: Adrien Basin (fl.1457-1476; died after 1498) (00:49)
Logo of work W076
W076: Firminus Caron or Philippe Caron (fl.1460-1475) (04:38)
Logo of work W079
W079: Vincenet du Bruecquet (c1430-after1479) (04:53)
Logo of work W048
W048: Johannes Martini (c1440-c1497) (01:12:24)
Logo of work W089
W089: Colinet de Lannoy (?-before1497) (02:06)
Logo of work W090
W090: Alexander Agricola (1445or1446-1506) (58:26)
Logo of work W114
W114: Gaspar van Weerbeke (c1445-after1516) (16:31)
Logo of work W084
W084: Hayne van Ghizeghem (c1445-after1472) (03:54)
Logo of work W098
W098: Josquin Des Prez; Josquin des Prés, Josquin des Pres, Josquin Desprez (c1450-1521) (43:21)
Logo of work W112
W112: Heinrich Isaac (c1450-1517) (23:36)
Logo of work W095
W095: Matthaeus Pipelare (c1450-c1515) (03:11)
Logo of work W116
W116: Bertrandus Vaqueras (c1450-c1507) (01:43)
Logo of work W117
W117: Jean Japart (fl.c1474-1507) (20:23)
Logo of work W118
W118: De Vigne (fl.15th c.) (01:04)
Logo of work W119
W119: Jean Braconnier ("Braconnier dit Lourdault") (?-1512) (02:30)
Logo of work W120
W120: Bulkyn (fl.c.1500) (00:58)
Logo of work W121
W121: Gregoire (fl.c.1500) (02:16)
Logo of work W113
W113: Cornelius Rigo de Bergis (fl.early 16th c.) (04:14)
Logo of work W091
W091: Pierre de la Rue (c1452-1518) (34:09)
Logo of work W122
W122: Crispin de Stappen (c1455-1532) (06:18)
Logo of work W123
W123: Gilles Reingot (Gillequin de Bailleul) (fl.1501-1530) (01:55)
Logo of work W124
W124: Infantis (fl.c.1500) (01:43)
Logo of work W125
W125: Johannes de Pinarol (fl.c.1500) (03:40)
Logo of work W126
W126: Nicolaes Craen (fl.1500-1507) (03:30)
Logo of work W097
W097: Jacob Obrecht (1457/8-1505) (33:55)
Logo of work W127
W127: Jean Mouton (c.1459-1522) (05:10)
Logo of work W099
W099: Johannes Prioris (c1460-c1514) (10:56)
Logo of work W094
W094: Antoine Brumel (c1460-1512or1513) (15:09)
Logo of work W096
W096: Marbrianus de Orto (c1460-1529) (09:33)
Logo of work W070
W070: Antoine de Févin (c1470-1511/1512) (06:26)
Logo of work W093
W093: Johannes Ghiselin (Verbonnet) (fl.1491-1507) (31:06)
Logo of work W196
W196: Thomas Crecquillon (c1490-c1557) (09:48)
Logo of work W188
W188: Jacobus Clemens non Papa (c1510to1515 - 1555or1556) (29:41)
Logo of work W147
W147: Tielman or Tylman - Susato (c1510/15 - after1570) (36:51)
Logo of work W164
W164: Cipriano de Rore (occasionally Cypriano) (1515/1516-1565) (09:56)
Logo of work W060
W060: Orlande de Lassus (Orlandus Lassus, Orlando di Lasso, Roland de Lassus) (c1532-1594) (02:49:50)
Logo of work W337
W337: Andreas Pevernage or Andries Pevernage (1542 or 1543-1591) (01:53:53)

<<< Renaissance Music - 3.Kingdom of France >>>

Logo of work W092
W092: Loÿset Compère (c1445-1518) (36:43)
Logo of work W128
W128: Carpantras (Elzéar Genet) (c.1470-1548) (09:34)
Logo of work W082
W082: Jean l'Héritier (c1480-after1551) (02:09)
Logo of work W100
W100: Philippe Verdelot (1480to1485 - c1532) (01:13:12)
Logo of work W088
W088: Ninot le Petit (fl.1500-1520) (06:40)
Logo of work W140
W140: Clément Janequin (c.1485-1558) (33:13)
Logo of work W138
W138: Pierre Passereau (fl.1509-1547) (02:07)
Logo of work W159
W159: Pierre Regnault Sandrin (c1490 - after1561) (03:17)
Logo of work W160
W160: Claudin de Sermisy (c1490-1562) (01:06)
Logo of work W055
W055: Jacques Arcadelt (c1505-1568) (04:10)
Logo of work W149
W149: Claude Gervaise (1525-1583) (11:34)
Logo of work W139
W139: Guillaume Costeley (1530or1531-1606) (03:14)
Logo of work W190
W190: François-Eustache du Caurroy (1549-1609) (01:42:59)

<<< Renaissance Music - 4.Kingdom of England >>>

Logo of work W086
W086: John [Johannes] Bedyngham [Bedingham, Bodigham] (?-c1459/60) (02:58)
Logo of work W085
W085: Walter Frye (?-c1474) (04:48)
Logo of work W078
W078: Robert Morton (c1430-after1479) (02:57)
Logo of work W323
W323: Henry VIII (1491-1547) (02:42:57)
Logo of work W050
W050: Christopher Tye (c1505-c1572) (33:08)
Logo of work W051
W051: William Byrd (c1540-1623) (03:39:00)
Logo of work W054
W054: Clement Woodcock (c1540-1590) (05:53)
Logo of work W069
W069: William Daman (c1540-1591) (24:02)
Logo of work W052
W052: Alfonso Ferrabosco the elder (c1543-1588) (10:25)
Logo of work W072
W072: Anthony Holborne (c1545-1602) (02:08:33)
Logo of work W135
W135: Thomas Morley (1557or1558-1602) (39:53)
Logo of work W151
W151: Giles Farnaby (c1563-1640) (11:23)
Logo of work W133
W133: John Dowland (1563-1626) (01:04:05)
Logo of work W134
W134: John Farmer (c1570-c1601) (03:18)
Logo of work W061
W061: Thomas Lupo (baptised 1571-1627) (02:00:54)
Logo of work W278
W278: Michael East (or Easte, Est, Este) (c1580-1648) (31:37)
Logo of work W282
W282: Thomas Ravenscroft (c1582/1592-1635) (01:00:06)
Logo of work W152
W152: Jame Lauder (?-?) (07:06)
Logo of work W280
W280: English Carols of the 15th Century from a MS. roll in the Library of Trinity College. (14:25)

<<< Renaissance Music - 5.Iberian Peninsula >>>

Logo of work W157
W157: Juan del Enzina, Juan del Encina, (1468-1529/1530) (00:37)
Logo of work W057
W057: Mateo Flecha (Catalan: Mateu Fletxa) (1481-1553) (37:37)
Logo of work W158
W158: Pedro Fernandez (c1490-1574) (00:56)
Logo of work W137
W137: Juan Vásquez or Vázquez (c1500-c1560) (01:09:02)
Logo of work W294
W294: Cristóbal de Morales (c.1500-1553) (44:37)
Logo of work W059
W059: Antonio de Cabezón (1510-1566) (01:09:05)
Logo of work W191
W191: Diego Ortiz (c1510-c1570) (08:05)
Logo of work W064
W064: Francisco Guerrero (1528-1599) (02:53:36)
Logo of work W056
W056: Tomás Luis de Victoria (c1548-1611) (02:08:27)

<<< Renaissance Music - 6.Italy >>>

Logo of work W295
W295: Costanzo Festa (c.1490—1545) (27:47)
Logo of work W111
W111: Hilaire Daleo (fl. early 16th c.) (01:15)
Logo of work W074
W074: Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina (c1525-1594) (01:45:15)
Logo of work W155
W155: Giorgio Mainerio (c.1530-1540 - 1582) (12:39)
Logo of work W192
W192: Giovanni Matteo Asula (c1532-1609) (01:44:01)
Logo of work W198
W198: Claudio Merulo (1533-1604) (02:20)
Logo of work W067
W067: Alessandro Striggio (c1536/1537-1592) (08:35)
Logo of work W065
W065: Florentio Maschera (c1540-1584) (01:36:45)
Logo of work W199
W199: Gioseffo Guami, Giuseppe Guami (1542-1611) (05:15)
Logo of work W165
W165: Girolamo Dalla Casa (c1543-1601) (13:05)
Logo of work W271
W271: Luzzasco Luzzaschi (c1545-1607) (01:32)
Logo of work W200
W200: Costanzo Antegnati (1549-1624) (02:28)
Logo of work W275
W275: Luca Marenzio (c1553-1599) (13:19)
Logo of work W062
W062: Giovanni Gabrieli (c1554/1557-1612) (02:02:25)
Logo of work W058
W058: Mateo Flecha (Catalan: Mateu Fletxa) (1481–1553) (01:13:07)
Logo of work W046
W046: Carlo Gesualdo (1560-1613) (06:03:13)
Logo of work W143
W143: Adriano Banchieri (1568-1634) (35:40)
Logo of work W142
W142: Giovanni Paolo Cima (c1570-1622) (02:32)
Logo of work W322
W322: Antonio Cifra (1584?-1629) (01:43:08)
Logo of work W273
W273: Giovanni Battista Grillo (late 16c-1622) (08:00)

<<< Renaissance Music - 7.Germany and Austria >>>

Logo of work W141
W141: Lucas Osiander (1534-1604) (03:51)
Logo of work W166
W166: Jacob Paix (1556-c1623) (08:35)
Logo of work W154
W154: Hans Leo Hassler, Hans Leo Haßler (baptized 1564 - 1612) (03:21)
Logo of work W153
W153: Paul Peuerl, also Bäurl (baptised 1570 - after 1625) (07:00)

<<< Renaissance Music - 8.Music theorist, Anonymous, etc. >>>

Logo of work W080
W080: Johannes Tinctoris (c1435-1511) (05:05)
Logo of work W136
W136: Gioseffo Zarlino (1517-1590) (09:01)
Logo of work W039
W039: Anonymous (Unknown) (02:27:45)

<<< Renaissance Music - 9.Codex, Printer, Editor, etc. >>>

Logo of work W327
W327: "Le Chansonnier Cordiforme" (Chansonnier de Jean de Montchenu) (c1470) (01:05:53)
Logo of work W063
W063: "Mellon Chansonnier" (c1470) (01:16:30)
Logo of work W071
W071: "Compos. Musicali" (CONSERVATORIO di FIRENZE luigi cherubini) (02:43:50)
Logo of work W132
W132: Canti A, Motetti de la Corona by Ottaviano Petrucci (1466-1539) (02:49:17)
Logo of work W129
W129: Canti B Numero Cinquanta (1502) by Ottaviano Petrucci (1466-1539) (01:24:27)
Logo of work W130
W130: Canti C Numero Cento Cinquanta (1504) by Ottaviano Petrucci (1466-1539) (04:27:10)
Logo of work W131
W131: Motetti a Numero Trentatre A(1502) by Ottaviano Petrucci (1466-1539) (01:25:10)
Logo of work W150
W150: Pierre Attaingnant or Attaignant (c1494-1551/1552) (21:38)
Logo of work W146
W146: Jacques Moderne, Giacomo Moderno (c1495-1500 - after1560) (01:24:58)
Logo of work W144
W144: Pierre Phalèse the Elder (alias Petrus Phalesius, c1510-1575) (09:16)
Logo of work W195
W195: Angelo Gardano (1540-1611) (30:03)
Logo of work W235
W235: "Cancioneiro de Uppsala", "Cancionero de Upsala" (1556) (45:02)
Logo of work W197
W197: Canzoni per sonare (1608) (41:52)
Logo of work W281
W281: Das Liederbuch des Johannes Heer von Glarus (1489-1553) (26:47)
Logo of work W321
W321: GB-Lbl.-R.M.(Royal Music Collection) (10:45:35)
Logo of work W331
W331: "Libro de cifra nueva para tecla, Arpa y Vihuela" (L.Venegas,1557) (04:02:57)
Logo of work W332
W332: "Le Chansonnier de Copenhague"(Chansons d'Amour) (42:25)
Logo of work W333
W333: Basevi Codex(16c.) (02:27:09)
Logo of work W338
W338: In Nomine (16c.-17c.) (04:48:28)

EARLY BAROQUE (born 1550–1599)

<<< Early Baroque (born 1550–1599) - 1.Italia >>>

Logo of work W156
W156: Giulio Caccini (1551-1618) (05:33)
Logo of work W252
W252: Claudio Giovanni Antonio Monteverdi (1567-1643) (05:03:38)
Logo of work W326
W326: Giovanni Maria Trabaci (ca.1575-1647) (37:46)
Logo of work W272
W272: Pietro Lappi (1575-1630) (05:28)
Logo of work W073
W073: Gregorio Allegri (1582-1652) (58:35)
Logo of work W161
W161: Girolamo Frescobaldi (1583-1643) (46:49)
Logo of work W341
W341: Andrea Falconieri (c1585-1656) (03:15)
Logo of work W162
W162: Tarquinio Merula (1594/1595-1665) (12:56)

<<< Early Baroque (born 1550–1599) - 2.France >>>

<<< Early Baroque (born 1550–1599) - 3.Germany, Austria >>>

Logo of work W148
W148: Michael Praetorius (1571-1621) (25:47)
Logo of work W145
W145: Erasmus Widmann (1572-1634) (27:06)
Logo of work W172
W172: Johannes Schultz (1582-1653) (01:46)
Logo of work W328
W328: Heinrich Schütz (1585-1672) (02:17:05)
Logo of work W174
W174: Johann Hermann Schein (1586-1630) (06:03)
Logo of work W173
W173: Samuel Scheidt (1587-1654) (01:45)

<<< Early Baroque (born 1550–1599) - 4.England >>>

Logo of work W167
W167: Giovanni Coprari, Coperario or John Cooper (c.1570-1626) (01:08:31)
Logo of work W168
W168: William White (1571-c1634) (02:17)
Logo of work W115
W115: John Ward (1571-1638) (28:28)
Logo of work W053
W053: Alfonso Ferrabosco the younger (c1575-1628) (36:11)
Logo of work W163
W163: Thomas Simpson, (c1582-1628) (02:53)
Logo of work W049
W049: Orlando Gibbons (baptised:1583-1625) (03:14:29)
Logo of work W228
W228: John Jenkins (1592-1678) (04:04:36)
Logo of work W279
W279: Fitzwilliam Virginal Book (11:17)

<<< Early Baroque (born 1550–1599) - 5.Netherlands, Belgium >>>

Logo of work W066
W066: Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck (1562-1621) (56:12)

<<< Early Baroque (born 1550–1599) - 6.Spain, Portugal >>>

Logo of work W169
W169: Francisco Correa de Araujo (1584-1654) (27:38)

<<< Early Baroque (born 1550–1599) - 7.North & East Europe, etc. >>>

MIDDLE BAROQUE (born 1600–1649)

<<< Middle Baroque (born 1600–1649) - 1.Italia >>>

<<< Middle Baroque (born 1600–1649) - 2.France >>>

Logo of work W256
W256: Jean-Baptiste de Lully (1632-1687) (01:15:17)

<<< Middle Baroque (born 1600–1649) - 3.Germany, Austria >>>

Logo of work W176
W176: Franz Tunder (1614-1667) (11:54)
Logo of work W185
W185: Johann Jakob Froberger (1616-1667) (53:20)
Logo of work W170
W170: Johann Heinrich Schmelzer (c1620-1623 - 1680) (54:29)
Logo of work W179
W179: Dieterich Buxtehude (c1637-1707) (34:51)

<<< Middle Baroque (born 1600–1649) - 4.England >>>

Logo of work W175
W175: Matthew Locke (c1621-1677) (17:07)

<<< Middle Baroque (born 1600–1649) - 5.Netherlands, Belgium >>>

<<< Middle Baroque (born 1600–1649) - 6.Spain, Portugal >>>

<<< Middle Baroque (born 1600–1649) - 7.North & East Europe, etc. >>>

LATE BAROQUE (born 1650–1699)

<<< Late Baroque (born 1650–1699) - 1.Italia >>>

Logo of work W221
W221: Arcangelo Corelli (1653-1713) (01:40:58)
Logo of work W193
W193: Alessandro Scarlatti (1660-1725) (07:40)
Logo of work W325
W325: Robert Valentine [Roberto Valentini] (ca.1671-1747) (57:21)
Logo of work W187
W187: Antonio Lucio Vivaldi (1678-1741) (01:33:36)

<<< Late Baroque (born 1650–1699) - 2.France >>>

Logo of work W339
W339: Georg Muffat (1653-1704) (45:36)
Logo of work W292
W292: Jean-Baptiste Lully fils (1665-1743) (29:50)
Logo of work W180
W180: Jacques-Martin Hotteterre (1674-1763) (17:27)
Logo of work W181
W181: Anne Danican Philidor (1681-1728) (18:16)
Logo of work W183
W183: Pierre Danican Philidor (1681-1731) (07:03)
Logo of work W220
W220: Joseph Bodin de Boismortier (1689-1755) (03:47:11)

<<< Late Baroque (born 1650–1699) - 3.Germany, Austria >>>

Logo of work W171
W171: Johann Joseph Fux (1660-1741) (43:33)
Logo of work W253
W253: Johann Sigismund Kusser (1660-1727) (02:36)
Logo of work W296
W296: Gottfried Finger (c1660-1730) (34:39)
Logo of work W288
W288: Johann Bernhard Bach (1676-1749) (57:51)
Logo of work W317
W317: Johann Mattheson (1681-1764) (02:24:32)
Logo of work W251
W251: Johann David Heinichen (1683-1729) (32:29)
Logo of work W184
W184: Johann Joachim Quantz (1697-1773) (25:33)

<<< Late Baroque (born 1650–1699) - 3'.Johann Sebastian Bach >>>

Logo of work W299
W299: List of compositions by Johann Sebastian Bach (11:46)
Logo of work W238
W238: Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) : BWV1-200 Sacred Cantatas (07:07:10)
Logo of work W248
W248: Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) : BWV201-249 Vocal Works (01:55:01)
Logo of work W230
W230: Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) : BWV232 Missa in B minor (01:40:29)
Logo of work W218
W218: Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) : BWV250-524 Vocal Works No.2 (03:54:39)
Logo of work W247
W247: Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) : BWV525-771,1090-1120 Organ Works (07:13:31)
Logo of work W226
W226: Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) : BWV772-994 Clavier(Harpsichord) Works (07:05:39)
Logo of work W227
W227: Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) : BWV995-1071 Chamber Music Works (05:43:47)
Logo of work W101
W101: Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) : The Unaccompanied Cello Suites (BWV1007-1012) (02:38:00)
Logo of work W260
W260: Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) : BWV1072- Canons, Contrapuntal works (04:18:19)
Logo of work W237
W237: Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) : Chorals (04:23:19)

<<< Late Baroque (born 1650–1699) - 4.England >>>

Logo of work W319
W319: Jacques Paisible (ca.1656-1721) (01:07:17)
Logo of work W189
W189: Henry Purcell (1659-1695) (05:14:28)
Logo of work W194
W194: Georg Friedrich Händel [George Frideric Handel] (1685-1759) (29:02)
Logo of work W318
W318: Raphael Courteville (1675,6?-1772) (39:01)

<<< Late Baroque (born 1650–1699) - 5.Netherlands, Belgium >>>

Logo of work W178
W178: Francesco Venturini (1675-1745) (24:02)
Logo of work W186
W186: Jean-Baptiste Loeillet, Loeillet of London (1680-1730) (18:28)
Logo of work W107
W107: Jean-Baptiste Loeillet, Loeillet de Ghent (1688-c1720) (04:41:32)

<<< Late Baroque (born 1650–1699) - 6.Spain, Portugal >>>

Logo of work W293
W293: Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757) (04:42)

<<< Late Baroque (born 1650–1699) - 7.North & East Europe, etc. >>>

Logo of work W177
W177: Jan Dismas Zelenka (1679-1745) (14:14)

EARLY GALANTE (born 1700 and after)

<<< Early Galante (born 1700 and after) - 1.Italia >>>

<<< Early Galante (born 1700 and after) - 2.France >>>

Logo of work W182
W182: Nicolas Chédeville (1705-1782) (44:41)

<<< Early Galante (born 1700 and after) - 3.Germany, Austria >>>

Logo of work W284
W284: Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach (1714-1788) (15:00)
Logo of work W315
W315: Johann Georg Leopold Mozart (1719-1787) (23:42)
Logo of work W343
W343: Adolf Friedrich Hesse (1809-1863) (08:10:28)

<<< Early Galante (born 1700 and after) - 4.England >>>

Logo of work W109
W109: William Boyce (1711-1779) (46:03)

<<< Early Galante (born 1700 and after) - 5.Netherlands, Belgium >>>

<<< Early Galante (born 1700 and after) - 6.Spain, Portugal >>>

<<< Early Galante (born 1700 and after) - 7.North & East Europe, etc. >>>

"Art of Papalin"

Logo of work W999
W999: Art of Papalin series 1 (01:56:05)
Logo of work W998
W998: Art of Papalin series 2 (01:50:17)
Logo of work W997
W997: Art of Papalin series 3 (01:01:20)
Logo of work W996
W996: Art of Papalin series 4 (01:16:00)
Logo of work W995
W995: Art of Papalin series 5 (21:00)
Logo of work W994
W994: Art of Papalin series 6 (24:00)
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