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Matthaeus Pipelare (c. 1450 - c. 1515) was a Flemish composer, choir director, and possibly wind instrument player of the Renaissance.

He was from Louvain, and spent part of his early life in Antwerp. Unlike many of his contemporaries, many of whom traveled to Italy, Spain or elsewhere, he seems never to have left the Low Countries. In spring 1498 he became the choir director at the Illustrious Confraternity of Our Lady at' s-Hertogenbosch, a position he held until 1500. From his name it is presumed that either he or perhaps his father was a wind player, for example a town piper.

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Matthaeus Pipelare (c1450-c1515)

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* Genre: Composer:P, 03-Renaissance, 12-Recorder(Ensemble), 21-Christian music, 32-Chorus Music

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"Compos. Musicali" à4, à5

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20 "Fors seullement" (Mathieu Pipelare)

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25 "Een vrouelic wessenn" (Mathieu Pipelare)

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