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Philippe Verdelot (1480 to 1485 - c. 1530 to 1532?) was a French composer of the Renaissance, who spent most of his life in Italy. He is commonly considered to be the father of the Italian madrigal, and certainly was one of its earliest and most prolific composers; in addition he was prominent in the musical life of Florence during the period after the recapture of the city by the Medici from the followers of Girolamo Savonarola.

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Philippe Verdelot (1480to1485 - c1532)

* Released: 2013-8-7;
* Genre: Composer:V, 03-Renaissance, 12-Recorder(Ensemble), 21-Christian music, 32-Chorus Music

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Sacred Music

* Play: high / normal / low ; * Time: 07:45; * Released: 2013-8-7 (J)

Beata es Virgo Maria (à7)

* Play: high / normal / low ; * Time: 02:45; * Played: 232 (J)

Gabriel archangelus (à4)

* Play: high / normal / low ; * Time: 03:22; * Played: 231 (J)

Tanto tempore vobiscum sum (à4)

* Play: high / normal / low ; * Time: 01:38; * Played: 223 (J)

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